Recent Achievements of Sino-American Program

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Dear students, parents, teachers, and administrators of Beijing No. 8 High School;

  It’s now the second year of our Sino-American Program, and I’d like to update our larger High School community on some of the recent achievements of both our promising new Grade 10 students, and recognize the achievements of our Grade 11 students as they begin the long road to University Admissions.

  Pioneer Academics, a global research program which links high school students with top American university professorsrecently accepted three of our students. They will work one-on-one with professors in order to do undergraduate level research work. Mona Wei will study with a professor from Vassar College; Eric Zhang with a professor from Washington and Lee, and Lucy Wei will study with a professor from Harvard.

  Three members of our program were among the members of Beijing No. 8’s Model UN who were invited to attend the Beijing-wide Model UN competition over the Spring Festival holiday. They will compete against other top students from around Beijing.

  Eleven of our students will attend the US Academic Decathlon competition in Shanghai over the Spring Festival holiday. This is ahighly respected academic event, and the Shanghai winners will be invited to compete against other global winners in the Finals Round in America.

  A number of our students are engaged in interesting opportunities with top companies around Beijing. Lucy Wei, Harry Zhang, and Monica Zhang have been interning with Baidu; Daryl Xu and Una Chao have been interning with China Post Investment Group.

  Jason He and Dragon Lin have been leading a group of volunteers to teach English to migrant workers.Vincent Li won the award for “Most Impressive” at the Duke University Math Meet.One student recently received a 35 on the ACT (Top 99.7% in USA), a college entrance exam with equivalent weight to the SAT.

  We hope these significant achievements will serve as both an excellent indicator and a guiding light for the future success of all students in our Sino-American program. It is my great pleasure to be a part of the community here at Beijing No. 8 High School, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share these accomplishments with you.


Zane Hickman
Academic Director
Beijing No. 8 High School
Sino-American Program